Download Cydia on iOS 7

It appears that there are still many people are using iOS 7 on their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and other iOS devices although Pangu jailbreak is already available for iOS 8 devices such as the iPhone 6. If you are one of the iOS 7 users and would like to know how to download Cydia on iOS 7 devices for free, you can follow the instructions below to do so. There are unlimited free apps, tweaks, themes, and ringtones available in Cydia App Store and they are waiting for you to try them out.

Before you begin to download and install Cydia to your iOS 7 devices, it is important to know that Cydia is a powerful app that allows you to install third party apps and tweaks to a jailbroken device. It is not possible to install Cydia without jailbreak. In other words, no jailbreak, no Cydia. There are many articles out there teaching you how to download Cydia without jailbreak but none of them are actually working.

Cydia iOS 7

Download Cydia on iOS 7 with Evasi0n7

From iOS 7 to 7.0.4 to 7.0.6, Evasi0n7 is able to jailbreak all of them and give you Cydia for free. Evasion is well-known jailbreak software and it is highly recommended by jailbreak users. It is one of the best jailbreak software that helps you to download Cydia to iOS 7 for free. To begin your jailbreak journey with Evasion, you may follow the tutorial below.

  1. Go to Evasi0n official website which is Select your operating system and click on the button to download the jailbreak software, either Mac OS X or Windows.
  2. Connect your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and run Evasi0n.
  3. Click on the jailbreak button once evasi0n 7 has recognized your iOS 7 device.
  4. Give it some time and you will get Cydia after the installation.

iOS 7 Cydia download evasion jailbreak

Now you have a jailbroken iOS device with Cydia installed, you might want to try the top Cydia apps such as Kuaiyong, AppCake, vShare, and more.

Download Cydia on iOS 7 with Pangu Jailbreak Software

Pangu is always the top choice to go for if you are the lazy type person. This is because Pangu will do everything automatically and you just have to tap on a few buttons to confirm the jailbreak process. Pangu is a new jailbreak software that works on all the iOS 7 version including iOS 7.1.1 and iOS 7.1.2. It has been proven that Pangu supports most of the iOS devices including iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad Mini, Retina iPad Mini, and iPod Touch 5G. It has received a lot of positive feedback ever since it was launched. Now, Pangu is even available for iOS 8. To download Cydia and jailbreak your iOS 7 with Pangu software, you can follow these steps.

  1. Run a fresh restore of iOS 7 on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iTunes.
  2. Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone and then disable it.
  3. Again, go to Setting -> Passcode to disable the Passcode Lock.
  4. Connect your iOS 7 device with either your Mac or PC using USB cable.
  5. Check and see if your iTunes recognize your iOS 7 device.
  6. Go to and download the latest Pangu Jailbreak version from it.
  7. Run Pangu jailbreak software in your PC or Mac and click on the jailbreak button once the software recognize your iOS 7 device. Make sure you select to install Cydia too.
  8. Bingo! Now you are jailbroken and your device is installed with Cydia. You can now head on to Cydia App Store and look for your desired apps, tweaks, themes and more.

Last but not least, it is crucial to check out the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 7 as well as the best Cydia wallpapers for iOS 7 after you have Cydia installed.


Download vShare with Cydia Repo

While you are still using iOS 6, there are many jailbreak users already using vShare to download cracked apps on their iOS 7 devices such as iPhone 5S, iPad, and iPod Touch. What is actually vShare (also known as AppVV) and what it brings to iOS users? Why the number of vShare users is on the rise? On and off, vShare is highly recommended by jailbreak users when Hackulous announced that Installous will be discontinued. While Installous is really gone, some people started to look for Installous alternatives and vShare received very good feedback because it gives iOS users an option to download paid apps for free. For iOS users who are looking for the best method to get cracked apps, you may follow these steps to download vShare from Cydia with a few Cydia repos available.

How to Download vShare

vshare screenshot 

Before you start on, it is important to know that you have to jailbreak and download Cydia in order to use vShare to download cracked apps. Step by step guide to jailbreak and download Cydia can be found in this website.

Step 1: Tap on the brown Cydia logo on your spring board to open Cydia. Tap on Manage button which located at the fourth position from the left. Now tap on Sources, select Edit, and then tap on the Add button on top.

Step 2: For users who have never added a Cydia repo before, you will see a pop up message box “Enter Cydia/APT URL”. There is a text box where you need to enter the repo you want to add.

Step 3: The only working Cydia repo for vShare is Enter this repo to the text box and tap on Add Source to continue.

vShare repo

Step 4: Give a few minutes to your iOS device. It will verify the URL automatically. Tap on Add Anyway if there is any warning message appears. Tap on Return to Cydia when the installation of vShare repo is completed.

Step 5: You have just added a repo that hosts the app vShare. Now you will need to access to Appvv repo and search for vShare. Simply tap on the app to download the latest version of vShare. vShare will be downloaded to your iOS device in less than a minute.

vShare is Not Working

In many situations, some people failed to install vShare to an iOS device. One main reason is that they did not jailbreak their iOS device. vShare is allowed to be installed to an iOS device without jailbreak. In other words, you can still use vShare to download some free apps without jailbreak. However, cracked apps or paid apps will not be working if there is no jailbreak. As a result, please check your iOS version and make sure you already jailbreak before you try to use vShare to get paid apps for free. So, have you downloaded vShare and use it? If so, please leave a comment here to let us know whether you prefer vShare, Installous, or something else that is similar to vShare.