Download AppCake Repo and Install Free Cydia Apps


AppCake is one of the greatest free apps available in Cydia App Store today. It is not an average app that only gives you extra excitement on your iOS device. AppCake is a brilliant app that gives you the ability to access many paid apps from the App Store for free. In other words, AppCake is one of the best Installous alternatives that feed iOS 7 users with thousands of free apps.

There are so many apps, tweaks, themes, and mods available in AppCake but all you need to do is to jailbreak your iOS device. Unlike Android devices, AppCake works only 30% on an iPhone, iPad Mini, or iPod Touch if there is no jailbreak. An iOS user can still download apps to through AppCake to their iPhone without jailbreak. However, they can’t download cracked apps and use it on a non-jailbreak iOS device. It is highly recommended to jailbreak if you want to customize the look of your iPhone or enjoy free apps. In order to use AppCake, you will first need to download AppCake repo (or AppCake source) from Cydia. Now get your iOS device ready and follow these steps to install AppCake.


How to Add AppCake Repo from Cydia

Before you begin, it is compulsory to understand that AppCake works 100% on jailbreak device. Consequently, you will need to jailbreak your iOS device and download Cydia to it. You may proceed to the following steps once you have the popular brown Cydia logo on your spring board.

Step 1: Open Cydia and tap Manage. Tap on the Sources button and then tap Edit. There is a small Add button located on top left. Tap on it to continue.

Step 2: A message box saying “Enter Cydia/APT URL” will be appeared. This is where you need to enter AppCake repo. AppCake repo and AppCake source are referring to the same thing.

Step 3: AppCake is developed by iPhoneCake so the best repo to add is This is the best Cydia repo to install AppCake because it hosts the latest AppCake version all the time. Tap on the Add Source button once you have keyed in the repo.

appcake repo

Step 4: Tap Return to Cydia. Now go to iPhoneCake repo and search for AppCake+. It is suggested to download AppCake HD if you are using and iOS device with HD function such as the latest iPad or iPhone 5S. Tap Confirm to download AppCake immediately.

More about AppCake

What to do now? Launch AppCake and try out all the features. In case AppCake is not working on your device, check if you already have AppSync installed. Otherwise, you should be able to see a few popular apps such as Air Drop Sharing. This is a default app that comes with AppCake. For those who have used IPAStore before you must be familiar with AppCake because they are the same thing. AppCake or AppCake+ is a new name of IPAStore. If you can’t find an app you want in AppCake, you can submit your request to the community. Your desired app will be available on AppCake very soon if it is highly wanted by others too. There are so many reasons to use AppCake so you should really try it out and compare it with vShare, Zeusmos, Kuaiyong, iFunBox, HipStore, and Installous.

Best Installous Alternatives


Installous is gone but you still can’t end the relationship with it? No worries! You are reading the right page because the best Installous alternatives are all packed here. The number of Cydia users is on the rise especially when Evasi0n7 released untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 few months ago. Most of the Cydia users jailbreak their iOS device for one main reason which is to download paid apps for free. Of course there are also a group of jailbreak users who jailbreak because they want to customize the look of their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Installous served the community very well during iOS 4, iOS 5, and iOS 6. However, it disappeared when developer decided to bring away this app last year. All the related Cydia sources, apps, and tweaks are gone too. There is no way to hope for it to return and the only thing we can do is to look for the best Installous alternatives. It’s time to say goodbye to Installous and welcome the best Installous alternatives here. You will love these top 10 Installous alternatives.

Installous alternatives


AppCake was first introduced to the world in 2008. Since then, the number of users keeps rising. AppCake offers many cracked apps as well as free Cydia themes and mods. AppCake is the only thing you need if you want to customize your own iPhone.


vShare, or some people called it AppVV, is a wonderful app for you to download free apps. It works just like Installous. To install vShare, you will first need to add its repo to a jailbroken iOS device. You can then get unlimited apps from there.


Not many people mention about Zeusmos when it comes to Installous alternatives. However, it is a must for us to put it here and it has to be in the top three. Why? The super-duper easy-to-use interface allows any iOS users to install free apps with just a few taps. Try it and you will know it.


Kuaiyong means “Fast Use” or “Use it quickly”. It is a great portal that hosts thousands of free apps for iOS device just like Installous. Without the need of an Apple id, Kuaiyong users can download paid apps for free. Some rumors said you can even use Kuaiyong to download Cydia without jailbreak. Try it and let us know.


iFunBox is one of the sweetest Installous alternatives ever. iFunBox offers you a brand new experience to download apps to your iOS device. You are required to download the desktop app from iFunBox official website and use the app to download themes, apps, mods, wallpaper, and anything you want. You can then transfer those IPA files to your iOS device.


PandaApp offers a huge range of apps, hacks, mods, games, and tweaks for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows phones, and also Android devices. The best selling apps can usually be found from PandaApp server. This is one main reason that makes PandaApp the best Installous alternatives in the market today.


Hips don’t lie, so does HipStore. HipStore is yet another alternative to Installous. It works like iFunBox where you have to download the apps you want to a PC and then transfer the IPA files to your iOS device. Now you have learned how to get free apps, it is time to know what the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 7 are.


IPAStore is a web portal that hosts many cracked apps. The existence of this wonderful website is to allow any iOS user to try an app before buying them. Once you are satisfied with the app, please buy it from the App Store.

IPA Installer Console

IPA Installer Console is not a web portal but it is a Cydia app that gives you many Cydia apps. It is available in the BigBoss repo. This app allows you to install IPA files directly to your iOS device. With IPA Installer Console installed, you can download IPA files from any source you want then install it to your iDevice.


Apptrackr is gone and it has been replaced by AppAddict. Instead, you can check out Apptrackr alternatives and download unlimited cracked apps and games from it. Apptrackr is a must to be mentioned here although it is long gone.