Download Kuaiyong English to Install Free Mobile Apps on iPhone iOS 7


Do you own an iPhone 5S running with iOS 7 and wondering how to install free mobile apps on it without jailbreak? If so, try Kuaiyong. Kuaiyong or Kuai Yong is an awesome app that gives you the ability to download paid apps for free to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch or any iOS 7 device without jailbreak. Of course, it works on iOS 6 as well as iOS 5. Currently, Kuaiyong is only available in Chinese but the developers are producing the English version to cater users who do not understand Chinese. Conversely, now you can still install Kuaiyong to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, or PC without the English version with the tutorial below. The installation steps and program buttons have been translated to English.

Most of the Cydia users know that it is impossible to download Cydia without jailbreak because Apple has imposed certain restriction to all their products. Therefore, it is impossible to get cracked apps through Cydia without jailbreak. Nevertheless, you can do this with Kuaiyong because Kuaiyong allows you to download the app (iPA files) to your Mac or computer first, and then only transfer it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. With this method, an iOS user can simply download any cracked apps they want without jailbreaking their device. This is one reason that proves Kuaiyong stands out among its competitors such as AppCake, vShare (previously known as AppVV), Apptrackr, Zeusmos, HipStore, and other apps that is known as the best Installous alternatives.

Steps to Download Kuaiyong (English Tutorial)

Step 1: As mentioned above, Kuaiyong allows you to download the iPA file of your desired app to your Mac or PC and then only transfer it to your iOS device. Therefore, you will first need to download Kuaiyong setup file to either your Mac or PC. For PC user, Kuaiyong setup file can be downloaded at this link As for Mac user, you can download Kuaiyong setup file through Simply copy and paste the given URL to any browser and the download will begin in no time.

Step 2: Most of our computers read only English therefore you will see something like the screenshot below. Recognize the “Next” button and click on it a few times until the confirmation page. Click on Confirm and then finish the installation for Kuaiyong.

Kuaiyong english

How to Download Free Apps with Kuaiyong

In order to download cracked apps with Kuaiyong, you will first need to obtain the iPA files of the app you want. Now follow these steps to get your desired apps with Kuaiyong.

Step 1: Run Kuaiyong on your computer. Follow the English version of screenshot below to search for the app you want. Enter the app name into the search box and click on the search button. The search button means “Kuaiyong Awhile” in English. Click the Download button to download the iPA file to your local computer.


Step 2: Now hook up your iOS device with your Mac or computer. Go to Kuaiyong and look for the “Manage Downloads” as shown in the screenshot below. It will show you how many apps you have downloaded. Click on the Install button if the download status shows “download completed”. The app will be appeared in your iOS 7 device in a few seconds. You can’t click on the Install button if the download is not completed.


Please tell us how many free apps have you downloaded with Kuaiyong and how many of them are actually work. Also, please tell us how is Kuaiyong features compared to some other alternatives such as iFunBox and PandaApp. Lastly, it is recommended to buy the app if it is really awesome.

Download AppCake Repo and Install Free Cydia Apps


AppCake is one of the greatest free apps available in Cydia App Store today. It is not an average app that only gives you extra excitement on your iOS device. AppCake is a brilliant app that gives you the ability to access many paid apps from the App Store for free. In other words, AppCake is one of the best Installous alternatives that feed iOS 7 users with thousands of free apps.

There are so many apps, tweaks, themes, and mods available in AppCake but all you need to do is to jailbreak your iOS device. Unlike Android devices, AppCake works only 30% on an iPhone, iPad Mini, or iPod Touch if there is no jailbreak. An iOS user can still download apps to through AppCake to their iPhone without jailbreak. However, they can’t download cracked apps and use it on a non-jailbreak iOS device. It is highly recommended to jailbreak if you want to customize the look of your iPhone or enjoy free apps. In order to use AppCake, you will first need to download AppCake repo (or AppCake source) from Cydia. Now get your iOS device ready and follow these steps to install AppCake.


How to Add AppCake Repo from Cydia

Before you begin, it is compulsory to understand that AppCake works 100% on jailbreak device. Consequently, you will need to jailbreak your iOS device and download Cydia to it. You may proceed to the following steps once you have the popular brown Cydia logo on your spring board.

Step 1: Open Cydia and tap Manage. Tap on the Sources button and then tap Edit. There is a small Add button located on top left. Tap on it to continue.

Step 2: A message box saying “Enter Cydia/APT URL” will be appeared. This is where you need to enter AppCake repo. AppCake repo and AppCake source are referring to the same thing.

Step 3: AppCake is developed by iPhoneCake so the best repo to add is This is the best Cydia repo to install AppCake because it hosts the latest AppCake version all the time. Tap on the Add Source button once you have keyed in the repo.

appcake repo

Step 4: Tap Return to Cydia. Now go to iPhoneCake repo and search for AppCake+. It is suggested to download AppCake HD if you are using and iOS device with HD function such as the latest iPad or iPhone 5S. Tap Confirm to download AppCake immediately.

More about AppCake

What to do now? Launch AppCake and try out all the features. In case AppCake is not working on your device, check if you already have AppSync installed. Otherwise, you should be able to see a few popular apps such as Air Drop Sharing. This is a default app that comes with AppCake. For those who have used IPAStore before you must be familiar with AppCake because they are the same thing. AppCake or AppCake+ is a new name of IPAStore. If you can’t find an app you want in AppCake, you can submit your request to the community. Your desired app will be available on AppCake very soon if it is highly wanted by others too. There are so many reasons to use AppCake so you should really try it out and compare it with vShare, Zeusmos, Kuaiyong, iFunBox, HipStore, and Installous.