Best Cydia Repos to Download Cracked Apps

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, it will be great to get the best Cydia repos to download cracked apps for your loved one. This is going to be a lovely present because it is not a physical thing. There are at least 80 Cydia repos available in the market today but only a few repositories provide you the ability to download cracked apps. Picking the best out of the best is definitely a tedious task. In order to save your precious time, here are the best 6 Cydia repositories for cracked apps finder. They are voted by a group of jailbreak professionals. Some of them are iOS app developers. Please read the disclaimer before going through the list.

Disclaimer: Just like Superman and Spiderman, BestCydia does not support piracy. It is highly advised to buy an app after trying it. The list of Best Cydia Repos to Download Cracked Apps is for informational purpose only. Please do not hesitate to use the Contact Us feature in our website to leave us a message if you have any concerns.

xSellize Repo

xSellize is one popular Cydia repo that hosts thousands of cracked apps. People who often use Cydia to download apps will recommend xSellize to beginners because it has almost everything you want. Besides, xSellize provides the latest cracked versions of any apps you download. Game lovers who want to download game ROMs also can find their treasure with xSellize repo.

iModZone Repo


iModZone repo is well-known for having the best Cydia themes, lockscreen themes, and wallpapers but it also offers jailbreak users a long list of cracked and full apps. Free tweaks and mods can be found in this repo. All you need to do is open up Cydia and add this repo with the address

Sinful iPhone

Sinful iPhone is a must-have Cydia repo for every jailbreak users who have Cydia downloaded to their iOS device. This repo works on iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6, and iOS 7. With the latest update, Sinful iPhone hosts many cracked Cydia apps and tweaks. There are more than a thousand apps for you to choose. Almost all the best Cydia apps can be found in this repo, for example, SBSettings, MyWi, and IntelliscreenX.


Insanelyi was placed on the dinning table when iOS 7 jailbreak was released. Why? Insanelyi has something that others don’t. This repo gain its fame with free apps when Cydia was first introduced. From A to Z, Insanelyi source offers a huge selection of apps, custom sounds, modifications, tweaks, themes, and utilities for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. For more iOS 7 Cydia sources, please read Best Cydia Sources for iOS 7.


It is just a repo name that ask you to Hack Your iPhone. You just have to jailbreak, install Cydia, and then you can add HackYouriPhone repo to your Cydia without the need to hack your iPhone. The database of HackYouriPhone is very big. Many popular and unpopular apps, themes, games, and mods can be found in this source.


 iHackStore repo 

If you are the type of people that only want to have one repo for cracked apps, IHackStore is the only one you need to add. Most of the available apps in IHackStore are cracked apps which mean you are able to download them for free. Open Cydia and add to enjoy endless free apps.


Best Cydia Sources for iOS 7

While iOS 7 users is on the rise, it is a must to check out the best Cydia sources for iOS 7. These Cydia sources or Cydia repos are voted the best of the best in the beginning of 2014 from Cydia users. Although all the voters are using iOS 7, these sources are also meant for other iOS versions including iOS 6, iOS 5, or even iOS 4. In order to tweak your iOS device with custom themes, you will at least need five Cydia sources from the list below.

Top 10 Cydia Sources

Best Cydia Sources

1. BigBoss

If you used to access BigBoss repository, you might notice that BigBoss claims it is the largest iPhone repository. In fact, BigBoss are famous for hosting thousands of apps and tweaks. It is also the default repo available in Cydia. In other words, without BigBoss there won’t be Cydia.

BigBoss Repo:

2. ModMyi

ModMyi is widely recognized as the best Cydia sources available on this planet. You could be forgiven if you have just bought an iPhone and never heard of ModMyi but you must be punished if you have jailbreak your iPhone and know nothing about ModMyi. This Cydia source allows you to download free themes, wallpapers, and other things to customize your own iPhone.

ModMyi Repo:

3. ZodTTD

Except BigBoss, ModMyi, Dev Team, and Cydia/Telesphoreo, ZodTTD is another default Cydia repo that is ready to be used once you installed Cydia. If you are crazy about playing games on iOS, ZodTTD has almost everything you need from PSX to Sega Genesis to Game Boy.

ZodTTD Repo:

4. HackYouriPhone

Other than the default Cydia repos, HackYouriPhone is yet another highly recommended Cydia repo. HackYouriPhone hosts hundreds of free apps, themes, wallpaper, ringtones, mods, and tweaks. This source hosts more than ten types of free themes for iPhone and that is very attractive for those who have been hunting for free iPhone themes.

HackYouriPhone Repo:

HackYouriPhone repo

5. Intelliborn

The popular IntelliScreenX and the famous MyWi are hosted at Intelliborn. The most wanted My3G and the most hunted IntelliID are also come from this repo. Do we still need further explain why Intelliborn deserve a place in the top 10 best Cydia sources?

Intelliborn Repo:

6. FilippoBiga

FilippoBiga is not a very popular Cydia source but it hosts a few Cydia apps that are very popular, for instance, Springtomize 2, UnlockFX, PasswordPilot Pro, and Cleverpin. Springtomize 2 is a tweak for you to customize your device. UnlockFX gives you the special way to rotate, move, flip, or skew your lockscreen while Cleverpin makes your iPhone smarter by asking the passcode intelligently.

FilippoBiga Repo:


7. is one of the best Cydia sources that add new apps from time to time. With repo, you can install beta version apps like Activator easily. This repository hosts most of the beta software and you can test an app before others do. Some of the prominent apps are Monocle, DeepEnd, and Emphasize. Repo:

8. Pushfix

Pushfix has been in the market for quite a long time compared to other repo but it still hosting some great apps such as RecoveryGuard and FaceClockUp.

Pushfix Repo:


9. iF0rce

When it comes to Bluetooth related apps, iF0rce is the best and only Cydia source you ever need. iF0rce has more than ten different types of Bluetooth related tweaks in the server and each of them are very useful. AirBlue Sharing is one app that available in this repo and gets much applause.

iF0rce Repo:

10. xSellize

Apple sets many restrictions to their iOS and that is one reason why many people jailbreak their phone. xSellize is one awesome Cydia source that provides ROM packs for emulator games such as the Nintendo Gamecube emulator, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, and others. Besides, it also contains cracked apps, tweaks, and mods.

xSellize Repo: