Best Cydia Repos for iOS 8

Spend a beautiful evening at Starbucks and you will notice that many iOS users are now using iPhone 6 and the latest iPhone 6 Plus. Jailbreak users with the latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or iPad Air must be wondering what are the best free Cydia Tweaks for their iOS devices. As iPhone 6 is running with the latest iOS 8 operating system, it is a must to source for new Cydia repos that works on iOS 8.1, iOS 8.1.1, iOS 8.1.2 and iOS 8.2.

It’s nothing to worry because there are tons of awesome Cydia tweaks available in the Cydia App Store and they are free to download. All you need to do is find out the best Cydia repos for iOS 8 and then you can enjoy unlimited cracked apps and free games. Without the need to pay a dime, you can try any Cydia sources from the list of top 10 best Cydia Repos on your iOS 8 devices right here, right now. Before you begin, you will need to use Pangu jailbreak tool to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and download Cydia to it.

1. BigBoss Repo

BigBoss is one of the default Cydia Sources and it is also one of the must-have Cydia repos for iOS 8 users. Despite the number of apps, BigBoss has some app that you can’t download it elsewhere. To add BigBoss repo, you will have to add

2. Insanelyi Repo

In 2015, Insanelyi has more than 8,000 packages available for any jailbreak user to download. Apart from that, all the tweaks and games are updating from time to time. To add Insanelyi repo, you will have to add

3. Lux Repo

Not many people recommend Lux repo because it is quite new to Cydia users and the number of apps is not comparable to BigBoss or Insanelyi. However, it does provide you a few amazing app especially for those who love to play around with your device’s display. To add Lux repo, add

4. iLEX Rat Repo

iLEX Rat repo is also a new comer but it provides you a very powerful tweak to uninstall any Cydia tweaks that you no longer needed. With iLEX Rat installed, you can also delete all Cydia apps with just one tap. iLEX Rat Repo is

5. BiteYourApple Repo

BiteYourApple is one of the Top 10 Cydia Sources of all time and it will be in the list for a long time even in 2016 or 2017. BiteYourApple provides you thousands of free apps and tweaks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The Cydia source URL is

6. KuaiDial Repo

KuaiDial repo only host a few app but it has something great for iPhone 6 users who want to download KuaiDial app. This app enables the dialer app for smart phones on the iOS 8 devices. The repo URL is

7. teamXBMC Repo

For those who get used with XBMC server, you should know that teamXBMC repo has something to do with it. This repo is actually the official mirror for you to access to XBMC server which is widely regarded as the best open-source media server. The repo URL is

8. xSellize

It is not surprise to see xSellize as one of the best Cydia repos for iOS 8 devices because it has been around since iOS 7 and it is one of the best Cydia sources for cracked app hunters. xSellize repo is definitely a cool celebrity in Cydia world and it can be downloaded from

9. BiteSMS Beta Repo

Add BiteSMS Beta repo and get this famous Cydia tweaks right away if you don’t like the original Messages application in your iOS 8 device. BiteSMS offers you a lot of special features such as Quick Compose, Quick Reply, Auto-Forward, Auto-Reply, Passcode Lock, Privacy and many other things that make SMS works easier. BiteSMS repo is

10. Apple Watch UI Repo

Apple Watch UI repo hosts a newly-released tweak called Apple Watch SpringBoard. This tweak turns icons in your springboard into a circular ensemble and you can zoom and pan it. On top of that, Apple Watch SpringBoard is a free app and all you have to do is to add the Apple Watch UI Repo which is


Best Cydia Repositories for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Regardless of the iOS version you are using, these are definitely the best Cydia repositories for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch you ever wanted. According to a research, 8 out of 10 Apple users prefer to customize their iPhone or iPad to make them function according to their needs. And among these 8 users, 3 users are willing to jailbreak their iOS device and install Cydia to it. With Cydia download, there are infinite apps, tweaks, wallpapers, themes, games and other interesting stuff to be downloaded to your iOS device. In order to get these utilities and mods, you will first need to locate the best Cydia repos available on earth. Here we have sorted out a very delicious list of top 10 best Cydia repositories list. They work well on iOS 8.2, 8.1.3, iOS 7.1, 7, iOS 6 as well as earlier iOS version.

Top 10 Best Cydia Repositories

Cydia repositories

#1. BiteYourApple Repo

Theme finders and ringtone lovers will fall in love with BiteYourApple repo immediately once they found out how many great things are packed in this repo. Besides, this repository also provide you thousands of Cydia apps and tweaks.

Repo Source:

#2. xSellize Repo

As mentioned earlier, xSellize repo is an essential Cydia repo for almost every jailbreak users especially those who love to play emulator games on their iPhone or iPad. This repo hosts many game emulators such as Nintendo, Gameboy and some other famous game in the 1990s. A few notable apps available with xSellize repo are iBlacklist, AppSync, Springtomize 3 and more.

Repo Source: or

#3. iModZone Repo

iModZone repo is not-so-popular compared to some other Cydia repositories in this top 10 list. However, it deserves to be mentioned here due to the number of cracked apps it hosts. It’s a must-have Cydia source for cracked apps lovers.

Repo Source:

#4. BigBoss Repo

There is a reason why the BigBoss repo is one of the default Cydia sources. It is there when a jailbreak users install Cydia to their jailbroken device. The number of apps is increasing from time to time and this repo has thousands of best Cydia tweaks, mods, games and other things for the latest iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPod Touch.

Repo Source:

#5. ModMyi Repo

ModMyi in Cydia world is like Taylor Swift in music world. It is yet another default Cydia repositories that provides tons of tweaks, themes, wallpapers and unlimited cool apps.

Repo Source:

#6. FilippoBiga Repo

FilippoBiga Repo is an awesome Cydia repo that comes with unique Cydia tweaks. Some of these tweaks have the ability to customize the look of an iPhone by changing the lock screen, carrier logo, icon and etc.

Repo Source:

#7. SiNful iPhone Repository

SiNful iPhone repository has been around for a few years. Just like other Cydia repositories, it has a lot of interesting cracked tweaks and apps for iOS devices. Besides, there is a large community to support this repository.

Repo Source:

#8. HackYouriPhone Repository

HackYouriPhone is a prominent repository that enables you to Hack Your iPhone. Yes, you can hack it anyway you want with this repo because it comes with few thousands of apps too.

Repo Source:

#9. iPhoneCake Repo

Not many people know iPhoneCake repo but it is a must-have repository in order to download the famous AppCake. For gamers, this repo is simply a heaven for you because it hosts many iOS and non-iOS games from A to Z.

Repo Source:

#10. iF0rce Repository

iF0rce repository is not listed in the Top 10 Cydia Sources list but it is worth to be mentioned here. This repo didn’t host a lot of apps, tweaks or mods but it hosts an awesome app known as Air Blue Sharing. This app allows iOS users to share ringtones, photos or any files via Bluetooth.

Repo Source: