Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7

Thanks to the jailbreak communities who have successfully jailbroke iOS 7, Cydia can now be installed to iOS 7 devices. The latest iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Air, and iPod Touch come with iOS 7 and some of iPhone 4/4S users have also upgraded their iOS version to iOS 7. Since there are so many iOS devices running with iOS 7, it is time to check out the best Cydia tweaks and jailbreak apps for iOS 7.


BatterySafe Cydia Tweak

Recently, more and more smart phone users bring a power bank (external battery) together with their iPhone. This can be seen almost everywhere, for instance, Starbucks, train station, bus stop, and others. Here comes the usage of BatterySafe. BatterySafe is one of the latest iOS 7 Cydia apps that turns off power-drinking apps when an iPhone battery is low. Apps that well-known for drinking battery power are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They are those apps that BatterySafe will shut off when your phone is low on battery power. It is a simple yet automated app that makes an iPhone battery power runs longer.


CCControls iOS 7 

Perhaps the ControlCenter is the most used feature on iOS 7. However, the default ControlCenter does not allow you to add new toggles. CCControls is one newest cydia apps that allows you to customize your own ControlCenter in an iOS 7 device. You are allowed to choose your preferred toggles to be displayed on the screen. Those unwanted toggles can be hidden from the screen. CCControls is a favorite Cydia app because it is free to download.

CyDelete (CyDelete7)


Just like in the past, CyDelete acts as a simple but useful Cydia app. This app enables you to delete Cydia apps in the same way that you delete an App Store app. In other words, with CyDelete installed in your iOS 7 device, you can tap and hold on an app to delete it directly. Unlike the previous CyDelete, CyDelete7 allows Cydia apps to be deleted from the home screen right away. It is a free app and available on the BigBoss repository. See also Best Cydia sources for iOS 7.


LiveWeatherIcon Cydia tweaks iOS 7

LiveWeatherIcon is a new comer in Cydia App Store. It works like the default live Clock app icon in iOS 7. The only different thing is live Clock shows the current time and LiveWeatherIcon shows the realtime weather. Search for LiveWeatherIcon in Cydia to download it for $1. LiveWeatherIcon works only on iOS 7 device and this app is optimized for ARM64-iDevices.

iFile 2.0


iFile has been a famous app in Cydia App Store since last decade. It helps you to manage apps and gives you an easier way to browse all the files in your iDevice. iFile incorporate a lot of Windows feature into an iOS device such as copy, paste, edit, and etc. It is an awesome app when you need to find something in your iPhone. iFile can be download through Cydia for $4.99. For those who want to try this app before buy, you can download the 7-day free trial version.

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Other than the five most wanted Cydia tweaks for iOS 7, these are some other jailbreak tweaks you should have a look: BytaFont 2, CCHide, TabLess, BiteSMS, HiddenSettings7, Simplock, FlipControlCenter, FlipLaunch, RecordMyScreen, Infiniboard, Swipey, Zeppelin, Activator, BioLockdown, iCleaner Pro, SwitchSpring, TetherMe, F.lux, Bloard, Fav, NoSlowAnimations, and others.