The Best Cydia Themes on Earth

Without knowing how long we can live on earth, it is necessary to find out the best Cydia themes available for iPhone and iPad. Apple sets a lot of restrictions to their devices since the first day they launched the iPhone. Up till today, no one is able to change the theme of an iPhone 5S without jailbreaking it. Thus, if you are standing at the jailbreak community and would like to try different themes for each season, the list of Cydia themes here might be a plate of delicious snacks for you to masticate.

Carla Velox

Carla Velox Cydia theme

Carla Velox is a nice Cydia theme that works on iOS 7 with special icons and unique status bar. The happiest thing about Carla Velox is that it cost nothing to download. In order to make it work on your iPhone, you will first need to download Velox tweak which is also free.

Impacto HD Velox

Impacto Cydia theme

Impacto HD Velox is a theme for those who prefer to minimize everything on their iOS device with HD screen. The theme itself is clean with square shape icons and transparent status bar.

Circon Velox Theme

Circon Velox Cydia theme

The Circon Velox theme is meant for iPhone users who want to “dot” their background. This theme is designed with dots and lines with rounded icons. It is yet another free Cydia theme but requires Velox tweak before it can work. Circon Velox theme compatible with iOS 6, iOS 7, or later iOS version. It works perfect on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

MIUI Theme

MIUI Cydia theme

MIUI is yet another minimal iOS theme that minimizes almost everything on your iPhone. This theme removes things that you don’t really need and present what you need the most. Icons and status bar are designed in a simple way and it is available in the form of a Winterboard theme.

Black’UPS Darkness SD

Black UPS Darkness SD Cydia theme

Black’UPS Darkness SD is definitely an awesome theme available in the Cydia store. A black background matches with unique icons give a brand new feeling to user. Although it doesn’t change the status bar, Black’UPS Darkness SD is still one of the best Cydia themes on earth.

Glaskart HD Theme

Glaskart HD Cydia theme

Have you ever seen a YouTube video that shows iPhone 10 is just a piece of glass? Whether it is real or illusory, you can now turn your iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S into a piece of glass look with Glaskart HD theme from Cydia. Glaskart HD theme turns your background, icons, status bar, and almost everything into a “transparent” feel.

Ayecon Theme

Ayecon Cydia theme

Ayecon is the most chic and stylish Cydia theme ever. It was built to utilize an Apple retina screen to the fullest. Ayecon is widely recognized as the best Cydia theme on earth due to its unlimited cute icons and background. People love it very much although it is not free after all a $2.99 is not hurt at all for a good Cydia theme, isn’t?