Best Cydia Hacks for iPhone 6 and iPad Air

Have you upgraded your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 or other Apple devices to the latest iOS 8.4? Perhaps you should check out the list of best Cydia hacks for iPhone 6 and iPad Air here if you have just upgraded it. These Cydia hacks and tweaks are able to spice up your iPhone and iPad at zero cost. Most of these hacks and games are free and only a few professional apps come with a small price tag.

1. Activator

It has been so many years and the Activator is still one of the most sought-after Cydia hacks on this planet. Activator works on almost all Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch but “not yet” available on the Apple watch. With Activator, you can customize your iOS 8 devices in any way you want. Shortcuts can be created, customized gesture can be crafted too. To install Activator, add BigBoss repo and search within it for free.

2. CallBar

What do you do the most on your iPhone? Making calls and receiving calls are definitely one of them. It is going to be hateful if someone call you while you are engaging with some app, isn’t it? If so, you should try CallBar. CallBar is a good Cydia hack to allow you to take calls from anywhere on your iPhone’s screen even while you are using some apps or games. Install CallBar if you think the default calling feature in your iPhone is disturbing. CallBar costs $3.99 for new Cydia users on BigBoss repo.

CallBar Cydia Hacks
CallBar screenshot

3. ForceGoodFit

ForceGoodFit is one of the best Cydia tweaks of 2015 because it saves the trouble every iPhone 6 user face. This Cydia hack basically allows every app run at iPhone 6 and 6 Plus resolution. With ForceGoodFit installed to your Cydia, you can run older Cydia apps that have not been updated to support iPhone 6 resolution. The good news is, ForceGoodFit is a free app available in BigBoss repo.

4. TypeStatus

TypeStatus is a wonderful app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac users. You can see who’s typing an iMessage to you before they actually send them. On the other hand, you can see who is reading your iMessage once you’ve sent them from your iDevice. TypeStatus only work on iOS 5 or later version such as iOS 7.1.2, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.3 or iOS 8.4. Fortunately, TypeStatus is one of the free Cydia hacks available in BigBoss repo.

Type Status Cydia tweaks
Type Status screenshot

5. IntelliScreenX 8

iPhone users who have been using IntelliScreenX 7 will truly understand that why the IntelliScreenX 8 is listed here. Just like IntelliScreenX 7, IntelliScreen X 8 is now even more powerful to turbo-charge the Notification Center of your iOS 8 device. You can add Facebook message, RSS, Twitter, Email or anything you frequently used to the Notification Center or features Lock screen (see also Cydia Lockscreen tweaks). Unlike other apps, IntelliScreenX 8 is not free and it costs $9.99 for new users. However, you can download the free 3-day trial version to see if it is worth for you.

6. ColorFlow

ColorFlow works like a set of crayon for your iPhone 6 and iPad Air. You can colorize the LockScreen and Music app of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with ColorFlow features. It works like Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop because it modifies the design of the lockscreen and music app according to your artwork. Whether you are Cydia app developers or just normal Cydia users, you are welcome to try ColorFlow for just $1.99 from BigBoss repo. Well, you should also see the list of best Cydia repos for iOS 8.

ColorFlow best Cydia hacks
ColorFlow screenshot

Other Cydia Hacks that are awesome for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini and iPad Air: Springtomize 3, AutoTouch, CroppingScreen iOS 8, Nuntius, StatusHUD 2, SleekCode, Apex 2, F.Lux, Phantom for Snapchat, Eclipse 2, ReachApp, Harbor, BioProtect, Movie Box 3 and best Cydia tweaks for iOS 8.

Have you ever tried any of the above-mentioned apps on your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPad mini or iPod Touch? If so, you are welcome to share your experience with the comment below. Sound it out so that other iOS 8 users are able to know if the apps are valuable to them. Last but not least, do not forget to check out the best Cydia apps and tweaks for iPhone 6 with iOS 8 too.


Best Cydia Lockscreen Tweaks and Themes

There are many free lockscreen tweaks and themes available for Cydia users who are using iOS 8 and iOS 7. Although we can say almost all of them are great, it is a must to select the best Cydia lockscreen tweaks. It is crucial to download the best especially when you don’t have much space left for other apps and themes. For time saver, here’s your appetizing list of the best Cydia lockscreen tweaks and themes for iOS 8.

1. SleekCode 

SleekCode is one of the best Cydia lockscreen tweaks as it improves the Lock screen look. The Lock Screen passcode interface can be changed to anything you prefer. Be it Passcode Button Rings, Blur or Alpha. With SleekCode installed, you will definitely get a cool lockscreen. Other than that, the most beautiful thing with this tweak is the price tag. It costs $0 to download from BigBoss repo.

2. Forecast Cydia Lockscreen Tweaks

Try the Forecast tweak if you wish to customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Forecast is a cool Cydia lockscreen tweaks that is meant for iOS 8 users. Just like the app name, Forecast shows the current forecast, weather, temperature as well as high and low for the day on your lockscreen. This is a very useful tweak for iOS users who often needs to know the weather and forecast. To download this tweak, you can go to ModMyi repo for $0.99.

Forecast Cydia lockscreen tweaks themes

3. LockGlyph

LockGlyph is one of the best Cydia themes on earth and also an awesome animation theme. It is a great Cydia app that brings sound and animation to the boring Lock screen of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It makes unlocking faster and more fun with animation. In the menu, you have an option to select which animation to be used. You can also enable or disable unlock sound. Another cool thing about this tweak is the color customization feature. You can use RGB to customize the color of your lockscreen. To download this cool Cydia lockscreen app, simply go to BigBoss and you can download it for free.

LockGlyph lockscreen tweak

4. Spin Lockscreen Tweak

Spin is a $0.99 app available in BigBoss repo. It allows you to redesign the lockscreen by putting the song information on the lockscreen, for example, song title, artist, album and etc. It makes everything easy to access and keeps the large time text visible at the same time. This app is perfect for larger screen iOS devices such as iPad mini, iPad Air, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

5. IntelliscreenX 8 

IntelliscreenX 8 is one top Cydia lockscreen you can’t be missed. It basically fully utilizes your lockscreen by adding a lot of useful information such as notifications, time, date, weather, clock and anything you would like to see it. There is an option to display Twitter, Facebook feed, RSS feeds or other notifications. Everything can be access with just a tap if you want to. Compare to other app, IntelliscreenX 8 comes with a lot of customization options and you really need to spend some time to learn how to use it. It costs $7.99 to download from ModMyi repo. For iOS 8 users who have purchased IntelliscreenX before, it costs $4.99 to upgrade the tweak to the latest version. Go for the 3-day trial version if you are not sure this is the lockscreen tweak you want.

6. AppBox 8 

AppBox is a wonderful lockscreen tweaks from Cydia. It gives you the power to launch an app from Lockscreen without the need to unlock your iOS device. In the app Menu, you have a lot of options to set your own preference, for instance, hide Lockscreen item that you don’t want to see. To download AppBox 8, go to BigBoss repo and the cost to install this Cydia lockscreen tweak is only $1.50.

Cydia lockscreen tweak

You may also try: LockSpeed, AndroidLock XT, Convergence, CleanLock, LockSmoother+, BerryC8 and SubtleLock. They are some of the best Cydia lockscreen tweaks and themes made for iOS 8, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3.