Best Cydia Wallpapers for iOS 7

Are you looking for the best Cydia Wallpapers? Normally, the first thing Cydia users do after they jailbreak is to customize the look of their iOS device. Changing your icons and colors are definitely exciting. But it is a must to get the coolest wallpapers if you want your latest iOS 7 device to look amazing. Cydia offers a lot of wallpapers from A to Z. Live wallpaper, dynamic wallpaper, animated wallpaper, moving wallpaper, and much more. Live and dynamic wallpaper is something new and only available in iOS 7. For those who are using iOS 7, there are tons of cool Cydia wallpapers is waiting for you. There is nothing to upset for those who haven’t upgrade to iOS 7. Cydia offers a lot of nice animated and moving wallpapers for iOS 6, iOS 5, and earlier iOS version.

Sometimes, the coolest wallpaper is the photo you took yourself. Agree? As iPhone 5S and 5C come with a better camera, you can shoot any photo and turn it into wallpaper for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. With the advanced technology we have today, there are at least three great Cydia apps available in Cydia App Store that allows you to shoot a photo and turn it into nice wallpapers for your iOS device. Let’s see which one suits your needs.

3 Best Cydia Apps for Wallpapers

vWallpaper 2 (for iOS 7)


Previously was vWallpaper and now it is vWallpaper 2. vWallpaper 2 is mainly for any Apple device running iOS 7. vWallpaper 2 is a free app available on Cydia. It allows you to add video wallpaper on your Springboard to create live wallpaper. If the video you choose comes with sound, then you will get moving wallpaper with sound. vWallpaper 2 gives you the option to select any video available in your iDevice and make it as wallpaper. Otherwise, you can go to the download page from your iOS 7 device and download wallpapers from its database. Having a live wallpaper with sound is definitely a cool thing to do but the one thing you must keep in mind is that the battery life of your device. To add vWallpaper 2, open Cydia and add its official repo



You will never know there are so many things you can do with your home screen and lock screen background until you download iWallpapers. iWallpapers comes with many unexpected features where you can choose different wallpapers for different page. There are more than 160,000 astonishing wallpapers and the database is counting. Well, can you believe such a wonderful app is free to download?

Live Paper

live paper Cydia wallpaper

Live Paper is a wonder Cydia tweak when it comes to animated wallpapers. This app has been around since iOS 6 and now it has been upgraded to serve iOS 7 users. Live Paper gives you the ability to add nice live wallpapers to both your home screen and lock screen. It is free to download from Cydia App Store. Bubbles, Moon, and Nexus are a few famous wallpapers available from this app.

Other than the 3 recommended Cydia apps for wallpaper, you might want to try these apps: Go Desk Moonlight Pond and Typo 5. Last but not least, you might not want to miss the best Cydia themes on earth.