Default Cydia Sources List

If any of the default Cydia sources are missing from your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can restore it according to the default Cydia sources list here. The list of default Cydia repo sources provided here is a complete list. Not even one of the default Cydia repos is missing from the list.

Sometimes, a default Cydia source might went missing during the installation of Cydia. This could be happened if the internet connection is bad or the server is high load. Often, it happens to iOS 7 and iOS 6 users. Therefore, if you don’t see BigBoss, ModMyi, iSpazio, Ste Packaging, ZodTTD, or Telesphoreo Tangelo repo in your Cydia after you download Cydia to your iOS device, you can follow the below step by step guide to restore it. It takes less than a minute to add a default Cydia source to a jailbroken iOS device.

List of Default Cydia Sources (Repos)

  1. BigBoss – Repository:
  2. ModMyi – Repository:
  3. iSpazio – Repository:
  4. Ste Packaging – Repository:
  5. ZodTTD – Repository:
  6. Telesphoreo Tangelo – Repository:

How to Restore Default Cydia Sources

Do not worry if you uninstall or remove any default Cydia sources by mistake because you can restore it in just 4 steps. Yes, in just 4 easy steps!

  1. First of all, tap on the Cydia icon to launch Cydia. Swipe up to go to the bottom and look for More Package Sources. It usually located above the “User Guides”. Tap on it to enter the page.
  1. What you will see here is a list of default Cydia sources. There are six default Cydia sources comes with Cydia package which are mentioned above. Tap on any of the Cydia repos you would like to restore. Tap to check the check box.
  1. You will see a warning message when you tap on a Cydia source. Just tap on OK to continue the installation.
  1. In order to double check if the Cydia sources are added, go to Manage then Sources. You will then see the missing default Cydia sources appear again.

default Cydia sources

Above are the 4 easy steps to add or restore any default Cydia sources. Alternatively, you can also add a default Cydia repo by adding the repository URL given above. For those who is running on iOS 7, you might want to see the best Cydia sources for iOS 7.

How to Remove Default Cydia Sources

Although the default Cydia sources are the best Cydia repos to download cracked apps, free wallpapers, games, and tweaks, there are still some people do not prefer to have them in their iOS device. It is not recommended to remove any of it but if you are wondering how to remove default Cydia sources you’re your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, simple follow these step by step guide.

  1. Go to Cydia and then tap on the More Package Sources.
  1. All the default Cydia repos will be available in this page. To remove any of them, unchecked the check box.
  1. Tap on OK when the warning message appears.

That’s it. It is very simple to remove any default Cydia repo such as ZodTTD or Telesphoreo Tangelo.


Cydia Sources List and All Cydia Repos

This is a complete Cydia sources list and all the available Cydia repos are collected in the list here. There are Cydia sources for iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5, and even iOS 4. Whether you are looking for the best Cydia sources for game hacks, mods, Cydia tweaks, wallpaper, iPhone ringtones, Cydia apps, or top 10 Cydia Sources of all time, they are all packed in this list. This list has been updated from time to time and if you find any Cydia sources / Cydia repositories / Cydia repos not in this list, please do not hesitate to use the comment features below to add it in. Let’s download Cydia and check out the repositories start from A to Z.

Cydia Sources List

0 – 9

4PP13 Team Repository –



AppleNewsFR –

Arabic Language –

A-steroids –



BigBoss & Planet-iPhones –

BiteYourApple –

Bloc Apple en Catalá –

BootLace –



Catalan Regional –

Clubiphone –

comcute&gecko; –

CZ&SK; –



Darvens Repository –

David Ashman –



EasyWakeup –

Epelle6 –



FilippoBiga Repo –

Free Coder –

French Repo – htpp://



HackStor –

Hack& – –

HackYouriPhone –

HashBang Productions –

HighTymes – –

Howett –



iAcces –

i-Apps –

iBlueToothProject –

iCauseFX –

iClarified –

iExploit –

iF0rce –

iFon Norway – –

iFonetec –

iHacksRepo (This Repo is retired) – –

IngiliZanahtari –

Insanelyi –

Intelliborn –

iPhone Cake –

iPhone Video Recorder – Repo – – –

iphoneIslam – –

iPhone-patch –

iPhone-patch (Bulgarian) – Repo – – –

iRom gba/Apps –

iRom Genesis Roms –

iRom SNES Roms –

iSoftRu –

iSolitaire –

iSpazio –

iUnlock –


L –

Limited Edition iPhone –



Macbury –

Mateo –

MobileStacks –

ModMyiFone –

MyApple –



Niklas Schroder –

Nuclear Design –



P0dulo –

Pushfix –

PwnCenter –



R4m0n –

Ranbee –

Redwolfberry –

RichCreations –

Rip Dev –

Ryan Petrich –



SaladSoft –

Simplified Chinese –

SiNfuL iPhone –

Sleepers – Site Packaging –

SOS iPhone –

Ste Packaging –

Steffwiz –



Taiwanese Language –

Telesphoreo Tangelo –

TouchMania –

TouchRepo –


U –



Vietnamese Language –

Vwallpapers –



WeHo –

Weiphone Source –



xSellize –

XSellize –

XSellize VIP –

xWaves xGPS –



yellowsn0w –



ZodTTD –

Zodttd & MacCiti –

Zuijlen –

Having too many options and don’t know which one to add to your jailbreak iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch? Check out some of the greatest tips here: best Cydia Sources for iOS 7, best Cydia repos to download cracked apps, and the AppCake repo. Lastly, if you find the Cydia Sources list very useful, please share it to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or any social networking sites.