Best Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iPhone 6 with iOS 8

While the jailbreak for iOS 8 is on its way, it is good for any iPhone 6 or iOS 8 users to know what are the best Cydia apps and Cydia tweaks so that they can download it once Evasion release evasi0n8 for iOS 8 jailbreak. So, what do iOS 8 users actually want once they are able to jailbreak their iPhone 6 and download Cydia to their iOS 8 devices? What kind of apps that work the best for an iPhone 6 that has Cydia installed? The answer is all here in list of best Cydia apps and tweaks for iPhone 6 with iOS 8 below.

There are only 10 seats available here and they are very limited, therefore, any Cydia apps that is able to have a seat here are high quality yet useful. Simply pick one of the Cydia tweaks here and install it to your iOS 8 device and you will know why they deserve to be mentioned here. Some of them are the best Cydia apps for 2014 and they will still be good in 2015 or even 2016.

SBSettings iOS 8. SBSettings has been in the market for a long time ever since Cydia was introduced by Saurik. There are more than one reason that an iOS 8 user should install SBSettings to their iPhone 8, new iPad, and iPod Touch. This tweak allowed you to put frequently used features on top of the home screen and you can enable and disable the feature in just a few taps.

IntelliScreenX 8 iOS 8. The IntelliScreenX 8 is made purely for iOS 8 devices. It gives you a good glance at all your needed information on your iPhone 6 lock screen. In other words, you don’t have to Slide to Unlock in order to view all the information you need. For example, you can place emails, text messages, Facebook messages, Twitter messages, and other information on your lock screen.

IntelliScreenX 8

Activator iOS 8. Activator iOS 8 gives you something that other Cydia tweaks don’t – the power to activate apps via gestures, shortcuts, or buttons. With Activator installed to your iPhone 6, you can open any gesture with just a tap. Isn’t it making life easier? Also, can you believe such a great Cydia app is free to download? What else are you waiting for?

Springtomize iOS 8. The latest version available in the Cydia App Store is Springtomize 3. It is free to download and it allows you to customize your own iPhone 6 in any way you preferred. There are tons of free themes, wallpaper, ringtones, and icons available in this tweak and it is definitely one of the best Cydia apps to be mentioned today.

Winterboard iOS 8. This is one of the most popular Cydia apps around the world, around the jailbreak community, and around all the iPhone users. The top 10 list here is considered incomplete if Winterboard is not here. This app allows you to customize the look of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with thousands of free themes, icons, and wallpaper.

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iFile iOS 8. With iFile installed, you can browse any file or any folders within the iOS 8 operating system. It works like how you manage your files in a Windows operating system. You can create, delete, move, rename, copy and paste, zip, unzip, and change permission of a file or directory.

iFile iOS 8 Cydia Apps

Grooveshark iOS 8. You don’t often see this tweak in other top 10 Cydia apps list but here we have to put it in. Grooveshark is one of the best music streaming app where an iOS 8 user is able to stream any songs they want with their iPhone 6, iPod Touch, and iPad. As music isn’t a free thing, you have to pay $9/month to enjoy infinite songs from this app. If you think this is expensive, you might want to try your luck with Kuaiyong, AppCake, or vShare. Sometimes you can get Grooveshark for free from these applications.

CyDelete iOS 8. CyDelete has been in the market since iPhone 4 was introduced. The main function of this app is to let you uninstall Cydia applications or Cydia tweaks directly from the springboard. Remember how you delete or remove an Appstore app? Hold a springboard icon until you see the X, tap on the X and then the app will be uninstalled. Make sure you download the right CyDelete version otherwise it won’t be able to work. CyDelete8 is made for iOS 8 while CyDelete7 is made for iOS 7.

Better WiFi iOS 8. Although the iPhone 6 comes with a better WiFi reception, it is nothing to lose to turbo it up with Better WiFi. This app helps to optimize the battery life of your iOS 8 device without losing any user experience. Besides, you can also have a full control of the WiFi state by using the on/off feature.

AdBlocker iOS 8. We understand that advertisements are what keep the developer going. However, it is quite annoying sometimes especially the screen of a smartphone is not considered big. Nobody would like to play a game or run an app with the maddening advertisements, thus, you need AdBlocker to block all the hateful ads. AdBlocker is definitely one of the best Cydia apps available in Cydia App Store and it costs only $1.99.